SVU on Location | October 21

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Birthday Project Part 2! 

We’re going to be doing another fundraiser for the Joyful Heart Foundation. But we’re going to make a little interesting by doing a scavenger hunt! You don’t have to take part in the hunt to join us but I promise to make it a lot of fun. It’s a $10 minimum donation to the Joyful Heart Foundation if you’d like to participate. Once you’ve donated directly to the Joyful Heart Foundation through the website, fwd me a copy (My email of your donation confirmation and you’ll be added to the hunt. You have until October 16th to decide if you want to take part. Remember, the sooner you join, the more time you have to finish. Then, on October 14th, all participants will receive an email with your first set of clues. When you finish those clues, email me and if you’ve completed the tasks involved then you’ll get the next set of clues. Each set of clues will increase in difficulty until you receive the final batch of clues. There’s going to be 20-30 clues total (5 in each set). All you need to do is provide a picture for each of the clues in order to complete them. Just pictures nothing else will be needed.

-And what’s a scavenger hunt if there are no prizes, right? So the first two people to successfully complete the scavenger hunt will get a prize.
-First place- winner’s choice of anything ($45 or less) from the heartshop. AND an autographed Mariska No More T-Shirt.
-Second place- Winner’s choice of anything ($30 or less) from the heartshop.

-If you’d still like to donate to Joyful Heart, but not participate in the scavenger hunt, that is absolutely fine. Just fwd me the confirmation email with a note saying you’re not participating in the hunt and I won’t include you. The scavenger hunt is only lasting one week but I will be accepting donations until January 23rd. I’m sending a list of everyone who donated to Mariska and Joyful Heart so if you’d like to remain anonymous then please let me know as well. My email is Any questions or comments are welcome!

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On Location in NYC | October 9, 2014

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Mariska on the Late Show with David Letterman

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Arriving at David Letterman | October 2nd

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Anonymous whispered, "Are you gonna post screencaps from the premiere and last night's episode on your site?"

Yes, I will hopefully have them up by tomorrow. I haven’t actually had the time to cap the episodes yet. But they will be up shortly!

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Just a reminder you have less than a week left to participate in the birthday project. Start getting your submissions in now if you haven’t already.

This year I’m going to be putting together a World Travel Guidebook. Mariska has fans all over the world and I thought it would be a fun idea to show her where we’re from. We’ll give her a compiled and summarized traveling guide! Submissions are due by October 7th.

Email me at with the following:
Country, State or City:

Must visit places, must eat food & beverage, cultures & traditions, anything else Mariska should know when visiting.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!

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Access Hollywood Live Promotional Photos

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The Today Show Interview

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SVU Season 16 Press Luncheon

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